starting off the new year 2012

Well the new year of 2012 is literally right around the corner what are you going to do for your new year? Any plans any thing you want to do to change in your new year? Kinda funny how life is and how round and about on how things turn out.  if you had the opportunity to change your ways or outtake of everything? What would you do if you thought something was but it is not?  What would you do if you were told one thing and then was told that it was a whole lie and that you were never really in an existence?  If your could make it up to anybody that you had hurt in the past would you take the new year and fix that relationship with that person to say im sorry?? What if the shoe was on the other foot?

Just please remember that all your actions no matter what you do or even say can result in ruining a friendship, relationship or a family member.  Every one you meet you have an impact on their life one way or another.

It’s a new year let’s try to make an impact on someone for the better.  Question for you to think about what would people think or say about you if You died today? Would it be good or bad? I would want it to be Good


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