The abused

That pain inside of me just wont go away. That feeling of not being fully whole as a person again.

It creeps up on you with out you realizing what it is, the hurt,remorse,unwanted feeling, being taking over by the hatred of what has happened, the past keeps coming back.

That sorrowful pain of disgust comes back and your contemplating in what you should do next. What do you do? Burry it until it comes back? Do you actually just take care of that feeling and talk about it?

What have you gone thru in your life to cause that resistance to get stuck?
Stop running deal with that situation now.

Dont let your pain and hurt take over your life. You can take handle of the situation and change it now.
Its never to late to take over your life and revamp it with positivity.

I pray where ever you are in life that this helps you.

Have a blessed day


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