letting go

Here i am just trying to find the way. What path should i go to now? should i go this way or that way. Where should I start this journey now. I will follow the path that will allow me to expand into what i want to be. I will find the positive people to be around because the negativity of people will kill me from within me.

I wont let the fears and the negativity of someone else ruin where i want to be.  If you really want to have a purpose in life than you need to help yourself from within. Let the world see your change and if they mock you let them.  Don’t let the negativity cause you any doubt in your life.  Make the negativity into your stepping stones of accomplishing your goals.

Always search for the people in your life that can support you in a positive way. Like minded people will always help you more than damage your life. Be ready for a roller coaster ride because you will get a lot of doubt from people who you know and don’t believe in you.  Let them see what you are really worth and let the doubters hate because they aren’t happy in their lives they want to see you fail. Once you accomplish one goal go to the next don’t stop going.  Keep making goals daily, weekly and monthly even for a lifetime.

Get ready to start NOW.

Just go do it. Dont say I cant. always say I CAN.


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