learn to communicate

From deep down inside this uneasy feeling that i knew something was not right. My dreams were telling me the same thing.. The hurt and the pain of someone stepping over you.  Funny how people say one thing and do the total opposite.  How can people do this and just use words like its nothing.  People need to respect people and use the key of communication.  How is someone suppose to know what is really going on when the other person wont talk to them

You have nobody to blame if your not communicating to the other people in your life.  They cant read your mind and if you have closed your heart that much how are you ever going to find a place to belong.

Stop the pain of hurting someone else because you don’t want to speak up.  I see many people who are afraid of speaking their mind and that’s what ruins a lot of relationships not just personal but also work, friends, family relationships.  Learn to speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel, Don’t keep it bottled inside of you. You are only hurting yourself and nobody else.

Heal yourself and speak with the people who are close to you.  If they don’t like what they hear than they may have somethings they have to work on for them self also.


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