You can heal

Hello everyone, this is some of my story. I was born in Manila Philippines i was adopted when i was a baby, brought to the States right after.
I have vivid memories of when i was younger, but growing up i was having nightmares of being molested over and over again and remember the sensation(sexual sensation of the clit) but not knowing that at the time i was 2. Those dreams kept coming back time after time and the older i got the more graffic the imaging became.
I started to piece together the dreams and realized it may of been my Adopted dad. I was afaid of him for a very long time.

At the age of 16 i was raped at work by a man who i think was in his late 20s.  I worked in a hospital at that time.  I avoided the elevators he was in unless someone was there also and i was not alone. If i was caught off gaurd he would of tried in the elevators i was in. He acted like nothing happened. He was fired for sexual harrassement from someone else.
I felt ashamed and didnt tell anyone about that rape till i was 28.
I had gotten married in 2000 Las Vegas.
That was the worse marriage ever.  Because my ex husband would use any excuse to hit me. We had a lot of physical and vebal fights.
The worste my ex husband beat was i had both hand marks left indintations all around my neck and my left ear was purple outside through out my ear.  My ear drum was broke also i inside.

Yes i did get out of my marraige from my ex husband. I’m able to talk about m h past so others can have the courage and know they can change the situation they are in.

Be strong and blessed


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