Before you speak


Before you speak,
When you see someone in the street or someone at work, you dont know and you hear other people making fun of someone.
Dont be to quick to judge them, what if they are having a bad day, what if something traggic happend to them, what they have a disability that is not seen by the eye?  What if they are having medical issues??

If that was you how would you feel? 
Dont be to quick to judge someone you dont know or understand what is wrong with them.

You will never know that they may be the person teaching you something.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
Respect them as you want to be respected

Everyone has a story.. Why not listen to theirs. Dont pitty them become a friend and support them in what ever journey they want to do. Help them and support what they want

We all want to be accepted as a human being.. So what makes you any different?

That feeling

That moment when you realize that its time.
Time to shout out whats really going on.
Time to do what you were suppose to do and helps others.

Time to find love again within yourself.
Time to let others in that your afraid to let in. 
Dont be afraid to let others help you thru your hard times.

Find people who has the positive outlook and the wanting to help.
You will find the like minded people around you. That will change your whole outlook in everything.

Dont let people put you down and tell you something your not. Dont let them tell you your not meant to do that you dont know what your talking about.

Dont let others put you down because they feel they are better than you. Everyone has different quailities to make something of themselves.

Whats your why? Whats your goals?
Whats is your reasons of reasoning to exist…

Just that

There are times in our lives that we need to just breathe.
There are times that we need to relax.
Times that we can just say hey i can do this.
I have nothing to worry about.
Why should i listen to what other people say.. I can do what i put my mind to and have fun getting to my goals. Its life and I can make this fun for me.
I dont have to do what others tell me i have to do.