Lasting Memories

As the years have past I will forever hold onto the memories.  That stay in my mind my heart.  You will never be forgotten.  Things I do brings me back to the memories I had with you.  I truly love you with all that I have I’m afraid to let go and never see you again.  Was it my mistake to even let you go 

I’m afraid to wake up only because if I do you will disappear.  My heart cries out for you yet you are not near.

I keep searching and searching for you yet I can’t find you.  I don’t want your to slip thru my finger tips. I just wont  let you go from my mind my soul.  

Just another lost soul wandering the earth searching  aimlessly for something that was lost yet was there the whole time. 

Search deep deep inside of you. Stop just stop running. It’s time the circle ends now

I can’t

I’m tired of holding in all of the pain. I’m tired of feeling hurt. Tired of reliving the nightmare.  I’m not even sure if I even know who I am anymore. I’ve been holding in all the hate and the pain in for so long I can’t find my way out

I’m tired of running. Tired of holding in the pain. It won’t stop it keeps going Into circles and won’t stop.  I want to let go of the pain and heal just leave me alone so I can just go on.

It’s life

There are many people that run into your life. They are there for a reason

You may be in your life for help or you may need the help with out knowing.  

Who have you helped lately or who has helped you. 

Just a hello or a smile will help someone’s day.

Don’t give In

Don’t give Into that feeling you have inside telling you “You cant” “You Wont”  Haven’t you learned yet that your only holding yourself back?

Stop listening to those voice I  your head from negative friends and family.  Do you even realize that your the only one who can make your future and change your world?

Your past is your past. Learn on your mistakes and excuses and turn it around and make it Positive. Make it work. What are you doing to change your world??

Believe in yourself Believe tht anything is possible And make it work.  

I know we all have our us and downs.We need to stop dwelling  on the past and let things go.

When you thought it was over

Just at that  moment when you thought that it’s finally over, That’s when it hits and comes back to haunt you all over again.

Make it stop. Please stop coming back  just let me be. Stop haunting me in my dreams.. I buried you for a reason let me be.. I lived it once I dont need to relive it all over again, it bad enough thenergy first time…

I know the end of the tunnel is around here somewhere.. let me be let me out. I need out so I can help others out of the same  situation.  You just need to let me live my life so I can be free



The failure of fails and making dreams

What are you doing in your life to make things happen??

Are you taking the full blame on your mistakes? Or are you blaming others to make yourself feel better.

What are your fears? Are you even able to tell anyone? My fears are rejection, not being able to communicate correctly, thinking if I have to introduce someone to a new project will I be able to have the correct words??  I’m my own critic I am fully aware of that I know I will make mistakes and keep failing I keep getting up and try again until I get it right.

Even than it may be wrong in my eyes it may be correct in someone else’s eyes.

How are you going to adjust in knowing you can fail are you going to give up or are you going to keep on going till you succeed.

What Are your goals how are you going to succeed? 

I want to cook/bake for people. I want to help others figure out what they want to do and show them that they are worth something.

Nobody needs the negativity in their lives we need people who can build each other up and surround ourselves around like minded people.

You are the only one to make the change are you ready to take that ride?

Before you speak


Before you speak,
When you see someone in the street or someone at work, you dont know and you hear other people making fun of someone.
Dont be to quick to judge them, what if they are having a bad day, what if something traggic happend to them, what they have a disability that is not seen by the eye?  What if they are having medical issues??

If that was you how would you feel? 
Dont be to quick to judge someone you dont know or understand what is wrong with them.

You will never know that they may be the person teaching you something.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
Respect them as you want to be respected

Everyone has a story.. Why not listen to theirs. Dont pitty them become a friend and support them in what ever journey they want to do. Help them and support what they want

We all want to be accepted as a human being.. So what makes you any different?

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